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Wochit Mixed Media Explainer Video Wochit created a video creation and publication platform for media companies that allows anyone to create professional news stories and content and share them instantly on social networks and the web. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Our agency partners at The Creative Momentum came to us when Wochit was […]

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Kahua 3D Explainer Video Kahua is the world’s only collaborative network for real estate and construction project management. Kahua provides project management solutions for owners, contractors, architects, and engineers, helping them improve efficiency and reduce risk throughout the entire life cycle of capital projects. Return to Work Page The Challenge: When Kahua approached us, they

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Amerijet 2D Explainer Video Many U.S. stores do not offer shipping services to Haiti, which can be a problem for shoppers who live in Haiti or have family there. Mesdhasa Services Cargo, a service of Amerijet, allows customers to purchase products directly from stores in the U.S. and reliably ship them to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Return

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Orderly Team

Orderly Mixed Media Explainer Video Orderly is a tech startup, based in our hometown of Atlanta, that is revolutionizing the way restaurants control food costs and grow their businesses using the power of data analytics and automation. Return to Work Page The Challenge: A few years back, we produced an animated video for Orderly when

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itential 3D Explainer Video Itential is an easy-to-use, scalable network automation solution for physical and virtual networks. It seamlessly connects disparate systems to provide end-to-end network automation capabilities. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Our partners at RocketCamp brought us in to help create a product overview video for Itential. At a high level, Itential

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Team Connect

Team Connect 3D Explainer Video TEAM Connect is a cloud server technology created by PAR that allows security teams, law enforcement, fire, and EMS to communicate in real time during rapidly changing multi-agency incidents. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Our friends at RocketCamp asked us to create a promotional video that showed how the

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Mohawk Mixed Media Explainer Video Mohawk Industries is an US-based flooring manufacturer that offers an extensive line of hardwood and carpeting solutions for residential and commercial applications. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Our agency partners at RocketCamp were in the process of helping Mohawk launch a new marketing tool called “Omnify”, designed to help

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Redstone Mixed Media Explainer Video Redstone Federal Credit Union is Alabama’s largest credit union, with 24 branches serving over 400,000 customers. Return to Work Page The Challenge: After completing a series of animated videos for Redstone, their team enlisted us to create a video for local broadcast that targeted their local small business customer segment.

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