Someday Starts Today

Mixed Media Explainer Video

Florida Hospital is a non-profit healthcare organization with over 25 hospital campuses throughout Florida. They are working hard to ensure that the future will be a better place.

The Challenge:

Our agency partners at BPD Advertising approached us to create a brand video as part of Florida Hospital’s “Someday Starts Today” advertising campaign, which included billboards, television ads, and a microsite. They wanted to help people dream about “Someday”, and what it will be like thanks to Florida Hospital’s research.

The Solution:

To visually align with the existing campaign content, we gave the video a bright, joyful feeling by carefully selecting images of patients and healthcare staff interacting. We avoided anything that looked stale or cliche and instead chose images that were photographed with lots of natural light in everyday settings. To bring these images to life, we added 3D motion and subtle camera pushes. Finally, we overlaid flowing graphics to represent the interconnected care network. The completed video is featured on the Someday Starts Today microsite.

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