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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos provide a high-level overview of a product or service in a way that is visually engaging to watch. They are both educational and promotional in nature. Because of this, they can include more detail than promo videos, but should still focus on key selling points. The most effective length is around 90 seconds.

Promo Videos

Promotional videos are designed to quickly raise awareness about a new product and inspire people to learn more. Because viewers will only pay attention for a few seconds, they need to be short, light on details, and very engaging. Run-times should usually stay between 30 and 60 seconds. The shorter the better.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are designed to give viewers specific and often detailed information about a product or service. They can range from specific tutorials on how to use a product, to more general information about a company or industry. Educational videos can have longer runtimes because “engagement” is not the main goal.

Brand Videos

Instead of promoting a specific product or services, brand videos focus on building trust and goodwill towards an organization. There are different approaches to this type of video, including customer testimonials, executive interviews,  company story, and mission videos. They are great for humanizing your brand.

Content Marketing Videos

These types of videos are created specifically for larger content marketing campaigns. Their main purpose is to answer questions that potential customers might be asking, or provide helpful information. They are usually much simpler and less expensive to produce than the other types of videos in this guide, because content campaigns call for lots of videos to be produced quickly.

What type of video do you need?

We've put together a guide that answers common questions about how to select a video based on your goals.
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