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Orderly is a tech startup, based in our hometown of Atlanta, that is revolutionizing the way restaurants control food costs and grow their businesses using the power of data analytics and automation.

The Challenge:

A few years back, we produced an animated video for Orderly when they were an early-stage startup. Now, the team is 30 employees strong and growing fast. As part of a rebranding effort, Orderly requested we help them create a new video for their updated website. The Orderly service now includes a customer success team that interacts directly with restaurant owners. To support this new direction, the marketing director wanted to add a human element by going behind the scenes and featuring the Orderly team in a fresh and entertaining way that connected with the no-nonsense, hard-working culture of restaurants.

The Solution:

Getting everyday people to perform well on live-action video can be a challenge. We carefully designed the script and format of the video to work with non-actors. On the shoot day, we focused on getting relaxed, authentic sound bites from the Orderly team and recorded footage of them at work in their daily routines. In the final edit, we added graphics and B-roll of restaurants, paired with a no-nonsense narrator to tie it all together. The final video is featured on the Orderly homepage.

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