Selling The Tech Industry With Animated Explainer Videos

Selling the Tech Industry With Animated Explainer Videos

Tech industries are continuously developing and launching new products and services. It is exciting and generally fast-paced. How do you make sure your target audience is always aware of new products being launched, how they work, and the benefits they offer? The answer is animated explainer videos. 

Animated explainer videos are proven to be a top-performing marketing tool. The tech industry is highly competitive, and products are often complicated. The average attention span of a human is a minuscule 8 seconds. That’s all the time you have to point out the benefits of your product and how it works. The brain processes visual material much faster than it can process words. Animated video, in particular, really connects with people on an emotional level, so it is the best option for engaging and holding the full 8 seconds of the adult human attention span. 

Core Benefits of Animated Video

Here are just a few of the core benefits associated with animated video marketing: 

  • They connect on an emotional level with viewers
  • Improve brand identity
  • Easy and less expensive to repurpose 
  •      (presentations, trade shows, website, webinars, etc.) 
  • Significantly increases lead generation
  • Can easily illustrate complex concepts
  • Communicates information quickly and succinctly
  • The short form animated video is well-suited to social platforms

Animated videos combine the best of all the important elements of a great marketing pitch. They are short, visually exciting and stimulating, artistic, and based on a story. These are important elements because humans are visual and auditory learners. Animated videos address both the visual and auditory learning modes. Animated videos are great at visually explaining complex concepts that words cannot. So in far less time than other marketing methods, you can not only explain the benefits of your product and show how it works but also convert your viewer into a customer. It is proven that animated videos significantly increase conversions because people stay engaged with the video, make an almost immediate emotional connection with the video to the cartoons of their childhood, and can process the visual and aural information much faster than they can understand or read text.  

Short Explainer videos, in particular, are a top choice for consumers who want to learn how a product works. 96% of consumers watch explainer videos, and 84% say they have purchased after watching a branded explainer video, according to a 2021 Video Marketing Statistics report by Wyzowl.  

If you want to stand out from your competition and you want to cash in on the popularity of short-form videos, then you want to be producing animated explainer videos. Don’t overlook the impact of animated video. Make sure it is an integral part of your tech industry marketing portfolio.

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