Maximizing The ROI Of Your Video Marketing Projects

Maximizing ROI For Your Video Marketing Projects

We have all heard that if we want to maximize the ROI of our digital marketing and sales, that video is a good investment and will yield the best ROI. It’s true. These days video content is an indispensable part of every marketing portfolio. The trickier part of video marketing is how to maximize your ROI.

Some may think all you need to do is pay someone to create a few videos, send them out or post them on your website and call it a day, but it isn’t quite that easy. When you are investing a lot of dollars into your video marketing efforts, you need to be able to see a clear path for maximizing that return on your investment.

An important step in creating that ROI is clearly identifying your video marketing goals. What types of videos are you going to produce, how will they be used in your sales process, and where will people view them? Different goals will mean different definitions of ROI.

One of the most important elements in maximizing ROI for video projects is knowing where the videos will be viewed. Different platforms support different types of video. Some companies think having one high-quality video is sufficient.

The truth is that when you try to use a single video on multiple platforms, it probably won’t perform equally well on all platforms. Why? People have very clear expectations about the videos they are going to see on each platform. Watching a video on YouTube or Instagram is quite a different experience than watching a video on Facebook. For example, you can produce videos of a minute or two for YouTube, but if you are creating a video for TikTok or Instagram, then animated short videos of around 30-60 seconds are the rule. Short, concise, and don’t forget entertaining.

Those are key expectations for viewers on those platforms. You need to understand those nuances and experiences to tailor your video to perform its best on each platform and hence, maximize its ROI.

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