The Science Of How A Short Animated Video Grabs Your Audience’s Attention For Learning

The Science Of How A Short Animated Video Grabs Yor Audience’s Attention

Marketers understand the importance of grabbing the attention of their audience. Your message is lost if your audience is not engaging with your content. Today we will examine the science behind the power of using animated video to grab and hold the attention of colleagues and your marketing audience, solving your brand’s biggest problem.

We talk a lot about “Standing out” from the crowd or rising above the noise when we look at marketing techniques and strategies. 

Most of the time, we talk in generalities but today, let’s look at what this means scientifically.

Sandra Kuhlman (Carnegie Mellon University) published a recent study that reveals how our brains absorb information. She identifies two types of neurons in our brain responsible for learning. The first is Inhibitory Neurons. These are neurons that prevent new information from being absorbed. The second type of neuron is Excitatory Neurons. These are the neurons that help you absorb and generate new information. These neurons are responsible for processing sensory information and overall “cognitive functioning.” 

Children have the inhibitory cells turned off, which is why their brains are wired to be in the learning mode all the time. In the adult brain, those inhibitory neurons are turned on because the accumulation of learning we get as children needs to be filtered as we age. Those inhibitory neurons keep out unnecessary information. We have to intentionally activate our brains in order to switch over to the learning mode.  

Interestingly enough, our emotions stimulate those excitatory neurons and are the key for adult brains to switch into learning mode. This means the more we can touch the emotions of our target audience, the more we can grab their attention and teach them new information. What marketers need to learn to do is master the ability to touch the emotions of their audience.

There are three adult learning modes Visual (Seeing), Aural (hearing), and Kinesthetic (interactive). Animation Activates all 3 learning modes of an adult brain- all at the same time. 

The adult brain associates animation with positive emotions- youth, fun, humor, etc. 

Animated video has vivid visuals that activate the visual mode of learning while adding a soundtrack with speech or music activates the aural mode of learning. You can also add an interactive activity to your video to fully engage your audience.  

Short animated videos provide the best way to fully engage your target audience when you want to communicate information about your brand, products, or services. The research backs it all up. 

According to Dr. Michael Lewis from the University of Pittsburgh 

“Research has found that animated characters are capable of capturing users’ attention, engaging them in active tasks and entertaining them.”   

What are you waiting for? If you want to get your message across, then an animated video is a strategy you need to put in place right now. 

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