August 2018

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Attensity 3D Explainer Video Attensity provides software solutions that can process vast amounts of textual data and provide valuable insights for business analysts working in financial institutions, government entities, insurance companies, and others large firms. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Attensity’s text analytics software extracts facts, relationships, and sentiment from structured and unstructured data. […]

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Amazon Logistics

Amazon 2D Explainer Video Amazon has changed the way millions of people shop, in part because of domestic Prime shipping. Now imagine what would be possible if products could also be delivered internationally within hours instead of days? Introducing Amazon Global Logistics. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Amazon Global Logistics is building a team

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Leidos Pathways

Leidos Pathways Mixed Media Explainer Video Leidos Health created the CareC2 Pathways application to help Clinicians and Care Coordinators streamline clinical pathways and improve patients’ quality of care. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Leidos approached us to help them demonstrate the capability of the CareC2 application to enterprise customers in a way that matched

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Linkedin 2D Explainer Video To help its global sales force continually improve, Linkedin has developed an extensive program called “Data-Driven Sales Coaching”. As part of this program, sales coaches are given a variety of resources and tools to help ensure that sales reps reach their full potential. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Getting internal

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Move Guides

Move Guides Mixed Media Explainer Video Move Guides (now rebranded as Topia) Mobility Analytics provides a unified mobility management suite to move and manage global talent. Return to Work Page The Challenge: To promote their Mobility Analytics platform, Move Guides enlisted our team to create a promotional video targeted at relocation specialists and HR teams.

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NES Smart Grid

NES Smart Grid 3D Explainer Video Networked Energy Services is an award-winning smart grid infrastructure solution used in nearly 40 million smart meters and devices in more than 25 different countries. Return to Work Page The Challenge: When Networked Energy Services asked us to create a video explaining their innovative Patagonia Energy Applications Platform, we

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Leidos ITI

Leidos ITI Mixed Media Explainer Video Leidos’s Arena Insider Threat Intelligence (ITI) is a web-based solution providing organizations of any size with proactive identification of potential insider threat activity, built on industry-leading experience in counterintelligence. Return to Work Page The Challenge: After Lockheed Martin’s cyber division was acquired by Leidos, the new team requested us

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Trimble 3D Explainer Video Trimble, a publicly traded Fortune 1000 company, is transforming the way agriculture works with innovative software and hardware solutions for farmers and earthworks designers. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Trimble Ag approached us to create a promotional for their new VerticalPoint RTK Grade Control system, which increases the productivity and

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ExactData 2D Explainer Video ExactData specializes in generating dummy data for testing complex applications and processing systems. Generated data sets are extremely realistic, but because the information they create is completely synthetic, it eliminates privacy concerns. Return to Work Page The Challenge: ExactData needed a way to quickly explain how their complex data solution works

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