3D Explainer Video

Attensity provides software solutions that can process vast amounts of textual data and provide valuable insights for business analysts working in financial institutions, government entities, insurance companies, and others large firms.

The Challenge:

Attensity’s text analytics software extracts facts, relationships, and sentiment from structured and unstructured data. Our job was to create a short video promotional that gives an overview of their service without getting too caught up in the details. It was definitely a challenging project as “data analytics” is a hard topic to show visually.

The Solution:

We chose an abstract style that blends 2D and 3D imagery to both explain the essence of what Attensity does while capturing the audience’s attention with energetic, high-tech graphics. The completed video was featured on Attensity’s homepage and has been one of the most popular videos featured in our portfolio.

What Style is Right For your Video?

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