HCA Community ER

3D Explainer Video

HCA Midwest Health is Kansas City’s largest network and recognized leader in healthcare, consisting of doctors, hospitals, ERs, urgent care clinics, and outpatient centers. They offer access to a network of 2,000 experts with over 150 locations across Kansas City.

The Challenge:

As part of a series of papercraft video we produced for HCA Midwest’s Turn4TheBetter campaign, our partners at BPD Advertising requested we create a video highlighting the ER facilities that HCA offers to local communities. These freestanding ERs offer treatment for injuries that cannot be addressed at an Urgent Care and are more accessible than traditional ERs situated on hospital campuses. The video was targeted at potential patients and needed to be warm and friendly, despite the serious subject matter.

The Solution:

We built a charming papercraft town, complete with houses, office buildings, and yellow school buses, all surrounding a tiny park in the middle. We placed the ER in the middle of town to show its accessibility and convenience to the local community. Inside the ER, we depict happy patients and friendly hospital staff assisting them. At the end of the video, we show an elderly man receiving personal care from the ER facility. He is then seamlessly moved to the park in the center of town, to show he is never far from his home and family.

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