2D Explainer Video

ExactData specializes in generating dummy data for testing complex applications and processing systems. Generated data sets are extremely realistic, but because the information they create is completely synthetic, it eliminates privacy concerns.

The Challenge:

ExactData needed a way to quickly explain how their complex data solution works to potential enterprise buyers. Because of the very technical and abstract nature of their product, they requested an animated explainer video that could help viewers visualize the difference between their solution and others available on the market.

The Solution:

Because the target market for this video is high-level IT decision makers within enterprise organizations, we knew it needed to be accurate and informative. We designed the messaging to differentiate ExactData from competitors, while also projecting reliability and credibility. The visual style was chosen because of its professional and abstract design, which allowed us to demonstrate the subject in an engaging and dynamic way.

What Style is Right For your Video?

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