Move Guides

Mixed Media Explainer Video

Move Guides (now rebranded as Topia) Mobility Analytics provides a unified mobility management suite to move and manage global talent.

The Challenge:

To promote their Mobility Analytics platform, Move Guides enlisted our team to create a promotional video targeted at relocation specialists and HR teams. In today’s global economy, attracting, retaining, and relocating talent has never been more critical. Mobility Analytics helps companies remove barriers to mobility so that employees can work everywhere.

The Solution:

To support the global relocation theme, we selected imagery of international cities and destinations that play throughout the video and behind the graphical overlays. We wanted to position the Mobility Analytics platform as a cutting-edge solution, so we explored data visualization websites with maps featuring geolocation data that might impact an employee’s satisfaction with a relocation, including walkability, climate, and quality of living scores. We borrowed this visual inspiration for the motion graphics used throughout the video.

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