NES Smart Grid

3D Explainer Video

Networked Energy Services is an award-winning smart grid infrastructure solution used in nearly 40 million smart meters and devices in more than 25 different countries.

The Challenge:

When Networked Energy Services asked us to create a video explaining their innovative Patagonia Energy Applications Platform, we first had to figure out what exactly they did. In short, Patagonia’s hardware and software solution retrofits existing power distribution networks and transforms them into smart grids that are connected to a cloud-based analytics platform. Our job was to communicate all of this value in 180 seconds… challenge accepted.

The Solution:

Our team chose a 3D approach, where we built a miniature power grid, complete with a tiny neighborhood and smart car charging station. We designed the video to show the different components of the Patagonia system, and how they work together to help utility companies balance power demands, detect problems, and prevent outages. For utility companies looking to modernize their power grids, the video clearly articulates the value of the Patagonia platform in an engaging way.

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