Storytelling And Animation- The Perfect Pairing

Storytelling And Animation- The Perfect Pairing

Chocolate and peanut butter; wine and cheese. When we think of these combinations, most people think of them as perfect pairings. Two separate things that work harmoniously together. So why do we say that storytelling and animation are the perfect marketing pairing? Let’s examine this concept in a little more depth to understand why these two elements work so well together. 

Storytelling is an informal way to share your experiences and history with others. In the case of brand development or marketing, it is the opportunity to share a bit about the company’s goals, aspirations, values, beliefs, and history in a short and memorable narrative form. 

Visual storytelling can use a broad range of visual formats, from infographics and pictures to cartoons or animated and live videos.  

Storytelling is the way humans share with one another, and that is what makes animated video so explosive. We love stories, and we relate to them easily. When we add short-form video to the storytelling experience, it gives that visual connection that is so important to how we receive and interpret information. Together the story, supported and enhanced through animated video, becomes a very powerful and effective marketing tool.  

Animated videos have the ability to simplify even the most complicated concepts because they play to our emotions. Cartoons are a part of just about every child’s life, and many enjoy watching them whether we are young or old. Not only do most people find them very entertaining, they feel safe and familiar and evoke strong sentimental reactions.  

When you pair a good brand story together with a short, entertaining animated video, you bring together the best possible elements for marketing your brand, products, and services. You get the benefit of having a marketing form that can be used across multiple platforms with minor tweaks, be it on your website, Facebook, or any of several social platforms from TikTok to Instagram. 

Animated video also makes it easy to convey a lot of information quickly, which is very important in today’s culture where the human attention span has shrunk to less than that of a goldfish at 8.25 seconds. The attention span of a goldfish is reportedly 9 seconds. In marketing, you don’t have a lot of time to waste if you are going to get your message across to your customers or your target market. 

The other benefit of animated video is that most people are visual learners. The brain is particularly well-suited to process visual information more quickly than written or spoken information. When you present information visually, you are getting a bigger bang for your buck because your customers are absorbing and processing more information by watching than they could if you were speaking to them or handing them written content about your brand. 

So yes- Storytelling and animated video go together like bread and butter or a horse and carriage. You get the idea. Not only do they make a great pairing- they offer a great return on your marketing investment. 

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