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PGT Innovations

PGT Innovations 3D Explainer Video PGT Custom Windows + Doors is the nation’s leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors.  Return to Work Page The Challenge: Our friends at BSG Agency in Miami asked us to create a series of three videos illustrating the devastation caused by hurricanes on housing, along with […]

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OTO 2D Explainer Video While voice technology is booming today, plain speech-to-text without the communication behind it is an incomplete solution. OTO helps contact centers capture meaningful behavioral and emotional insights from their voice data, which improves customer relations and saves time and money. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Voice technology that goes beyond text

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NES Smart Grid

NES Smart Grid 3D Explainer Video Networked Energy Services is an award-winning smart grid infrastructure solution used in nearly 40 million smart meters and devices in more than 25 different countries. Return to Work Page The Challenge: When Networked Energy Services asked us to create a video explaining their innovative Patagonia Energy Applications Platform, we

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Payscape 2D Explainer Video Organizing a program or event can be a major headache. Payscape Registration is an easy-to-use application that organizes the details of an event and includes registrations, paperwork, and payment collection. It’s the optimal registration platform! Return to Work Page The Challenge: Payscape is a leading payment processing company for businesses and

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Leidos ITI

Leidos ITI Mixed Media Explainer Video Leidos’s Arena Insider Threat Intelligence (ITI) is a web-based solution providing organizations of any size with proactive identification of potential insider threat activity, built on industry-leading experience in counterintelligence. Return to Work Page The Challenge: After Lockheed Martin’s cyber division was acquired by Leidos, the new team requested us

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Trimble 3D Explainer Video Trimble, a publicly traded Fortune 1000 company, is transforming the way agriculture works with innovative software and hardware solutions for farmers and earthworks designers. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Trimble Ag approached us to create a promotional for their new VerticalPoint RTK Grade Control system, which increases the productivity and

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ExactData 2D Explainer Video ExactData specializes in generating dummy data for testing complex applications and processing systems. Generated data sets are extremely realistic, but because the information they create is completely synthetic, it eliminates privacy concerns. Return to Work Page The Challenge: ExactData needed a way to quickly explain how their complex data solution works

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Pulse Mixed Media Explainer Video The Pulse platform works with patients, providers and hospitals to optimize the management of post-operative care for hip and knee replacement patients. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Our friends at Pulse approached us to help the public understand its application solution to post-operative orthopedic care. In addition to other

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Dell Secureworks

Dell Secureworks 3D Explainer Video SecureWorks, formerly part of Dell, provides information security services to customers in 61 countries, ranging from mid-sized companies to Fortune 100 firms. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Dell came to us requesting a video to show how its Advanced Malware Protection and Detection (AMPD) service worked and helped secure

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