2D Explainer Video

Organizing a program or event can be a major headache. Payscape Registration is an easy-to-use application that organizes the details of an event and includes registrations, paperwork, and payment collection. It’s the optimal registration platform!

The Challenge:

Payscape is a leading payment processing company for businesses and consumers. Consistent with their focus of payment technology and industry innovation, they noticed a need for a good payment processing platform focused on event planning. So they created their Registration service.

But introducing and explaining the service to potential users was a different thing. In addition to their developed marketing and website material, they needed something that could quickly and compelling explain the benefits as well as show their platform.

The Solution:

Based on their goals, we agreed that a 2 minute explainer video would be the best tool for the situation. The friendly 2D style was created by our design team to fit their brand and project a friendly but slightly sophisticated tone. Not only does the video show event planners how easy it is to use the application along with its built-in payment processing functionality, but it illustrates the tremendous value to organizations and participants.

What Style is Right For your Video?

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