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3D Explainer Video

PGT Custom Windows + Doors is the nation’s leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors. 

The Challenge:

Our friends at BSG Agency in Miami asked us to create a series of three videos illustrating the devastation caused by hurricanes on housing, along with the products PGT Custom Windows + Doors manufacturers to minimize the effects. Hurricanes are dangerous and chaotic. So it’s challenging to film or capture the damaging effects well. Fortunately for these projects, we were working with an excellent agency (providing great content and excellent direction) and a customer with leading products. Our job was to tell a 2 minute story that was educational and convincing.

The Solution:

Considering that the message needed to provide both a big picture financial impact as well as damage at the household level, we chose a 3D approach. We illustrated the damage to a residence, along with the application of PGT Custom Windows + Doors materials. The video clearly illustrates the damaging effects along with the home building solutions provided by PGT in a compelling fashion.

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