Team Connect

3D Explainer Video

TEAM Connect is a cloud server technology created by PAR that allows security teams, law enforcement, fire, and EMS to communicate in real time during rapidly changing multi-agency incidents.

The Challenge:

Our friends at RocketCamp asked us to create a promotional video that showed how the Team Connect application helps coordinate dangerous and complex situations. By leveraging the benefits of the cloud, Team Connect is superior to traditional radio communication, allowing teams to share locations, images, videos, and messages in real time between multiple agencies.

The Solution:

Our goal was to give the viewer a clear idea of how Team Connect works by showing a real-world incident at a playoffs game. We created a 3D stadium environment and included screenshots of the real Team Connect interface with animated law enforcement, fire, and security teams responding to a suspicious package discovered during the game. To appeal to the target audience, we gave the video a dark, contrasting color scheme with a military-esque flare. The final video lives on the Team Connect homepage.

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