3D Explainer Video

Itential is an easy-to-use, scalable network automation solution for physical and virtual networks. It seamlessly connects disparate systems to provide end-to-end network automation capabilities.

The Challenge:

Our partners at RocketCamp brought us in to help create a product overview video for Itential. At a high level, Itential allows older networks that were not designed with virtualization in mind to be automated, saving money and allowing network managers to keep pace with technological improvements. The challenge was to briefly explain the complexity of Itential’s solution to a non-expert, business audience.

The Solution:

Because of the abstract and complicated nature of the message, we opted to create a simplified animation of a physical network that business customers would be familiar with and conceptually understand. We also included an animated character to represent a frazzled network manager and add a human element to the video. During the video, we show the network upgraded and highlight the key advantages of the Itential system. The completed video is featured on Itential’s product overview page. The client was pleased with the outcome and requested we produce another video that focuses on the automation aspect of their service.

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