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Attensity 3D Explainer Video Attensity provides software solutions that can process vast amounts of textual data and provide valuable insights for business analysts working in financial institutions, government entities, insurance companies, and others large firms. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Attensity’s text analytics software extracts facts, relationships, and sentiment from structured and unstructured data. […]

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PGT Innovations

PGT Innovations 3D Explainer Video PGT Custom Windows + Doors is the nation’s leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors.  Return to Work Page The Challenge: Our friends at BSG Agency in Miami asked us to create a series of three videos illustrating the devastation caused by hurricanes on housing, along with

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NES Smart Grid

NES Smart Grid 3D Explainer Video Networked Energy Services is an award-winning smart grid infrastructure solution used in nearly 40 million smart meters and devices in more than 25 different countries. Return to Work Page The Challenge: When Networked Energy Services asked us to create a video explaining their innovative Patagonia Energy Applications Platform, we

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Trimble 3D Explainer Video Trimble, a publicly traded Fortune 1000 company, is transforming the way agriculture works with innovative software and hardware solutions for farmers and earthworks designers. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Trimble Ag approached us to create a promotional for their new VerticalPoint RTK Grade Control system, which increases the productivity and

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Dell Secureworks

Dell Secureworks 3D Explainer Video SecureWorks, formerly part of Dell, provides information security services to customers in 61 countries, ranging from mid-sized companies to Fortune 100 firms. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Dell came to us requesting a video to show how its Advanced Malware Protection and Detection (AMPD) service worked and helped secure

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Kahua 3D Explainer Video Kahua is the world’s only collaborative network for real estate and construction project management. Kahua provides project management solutions for owners, contractors, architects, and engineers, helping them improve efficiency and reduce risk throughout the entire life cycle of capital projects. Return to Work Page The Challenge: When Kahua approached us, they

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itential 3D Explainer Video Itential is an easy-to-use, scalable network automation solution for physical and virtual networks. It seamlessly connects disparate systems to provide end-to-end network automation capabilities. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Our partners at RocketCamp brought us in to help create a product overview video for Itential. At a high level, Itential

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Team Connect

Team Connect 3D Explainer Video TEAM Connect is a cloud server technology created by PAR that allows security teams, law enforcement, fire, and EMS to communicate in real time during rapidly changing multi-agency incidents. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Our friends at RocketCamp asked us to create a promotional video that showed how the

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