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Amazon Logistics

Amazon 2D Explainer Video Amazon has changed the way millions of people shop, in part because of domestic Prime shipping. Now imagine what would be possible if products could also be delivered internationally within hours instead of days? Introducing Amazon Global Logistics. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Amazon Global Logistics is building a team […]

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Linkedin 2D Explainer Video To help its global sales force continually improve, Linkedin has developed an extensive program called “Data-Driven Sales Coaching”. As part of this program, sales coaches are given a variety of resources and tools to help ensure that sales reps reach their full potential. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Getting internal

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OTO 2D Explainer Video While voice technology is booming today, plain speech-to-text without the communication behind it is an incomplete solution. OTO helps contact centers capture meaningful behavioral and emotional insights from their voice data, which improves customer relations and saves time and money. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Voice technology that goes beyond text

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Payscape 2D Explainer Video Organizing a program or event can be a major headache. Payscape Registration is an easy-to-use application that organizes the details of an event and includes registrations, paperwork, and payment collection. It’s the optimal registration platform! Return to Work Page The Challenge: Payscape is a leading payment processing company for businesses and

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ExactData 2D Explainer Video ExactData specializes in generating dummy data for testing complex applications and processing systems. Generated data sets are extremely realistic, but because the information they create is completely synthetic, it eliminates privacy concerns. Return to Work Page The Challenge: ExactData needed a way to quickly explain how their complex data solution works

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Amerijet 2D Explainer Video Many U.S. stores do not offer shipping services to Haiti, which can be a problem for shoppers who live in Haiti or have family there. Mesdhasa Services Cargo, a service of Amerijet, allows customers to purchase products directly from stores in the U.S. and reliably ship them to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Return

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Mohawk Mixed Media Explainer Video Mohawk Industries is an US-based flooring manufacturer that offers an extensive line of hardwood and carpeting solutions for residential and commercial applications. Return to Work Page The Challenge: Our agency partners at RocketCamp were in the process of helping Mohawk launch a new marketing tool called “Omnify”, designed to help

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