Measuring The ROI Of Video Marketing 

Measuring The ROI Of Video Marketing

Animated videos, which consistently outperform other types of marketing, have become a staple marketing tool for businesses. When asking for funding for your marketing department, you need to provide evidence and statistics to prove the ROI of your video campaigns as well as your other marketing efforts. In this article, we explore how to measure the ROI of your animated video projects.

Factors That Help Measure Your Video Marketing ROI

Generally, companies produce videos to increase revenue and show a positive ROI. But video can affect many other facets of your company’s brand and popularity.

Number Of Views

One of the easiest and most telling stats is your view count. It is a great number to use when calculating the ROI of your video content. It will show how many people are watching your video and provide a strong indication of its popularity. You can use this information to fine-tune your video content to optimize its effectiveness and popularity. If one of your videos only gets 50 views while another gets 100,000 views, you may want to create other videos with the same qualities and format. 

Video Engagement

You can measure how engaged people are in your videos by measuring how long they are watching and where individuals might be clicking. This will help you identify your audience’s interests and needs. 

Overall Conversion Rate

Video has already proven that it delivers the highest conversion rates of any other type of marketing tool. Nonetheless, it is still important to determine whether viewers are taking the actions you want them to after watching your content. Identifying where people click through to landing pages and purchases made will help you prove the ROI of your video efforts.

Sharing On Social

One of the more essential components of the ROI calculation of your video marketing is how many social shares your content gets. When a video resonates with someone, they are much more likely to share it with their family, friends, and coworkers. This is an excellent indication of your video’s popularity and effectiveness. 

Feedback & Reviews

Reviews count. Take the time to read online feedback because it is a very valuable way to determine how well your viewers receive your videos. There will always be those who leave negative comments simply to get a reaction, but most people will share honest thoughts about what you’ve had to say. This is critical feedback for future video campaigns.


The most important ROI is how much revenue is generated by your video. To determine how many additional sales and conversions videos add to your company, you need to pay attention to your marketing funnel and identify what videos lead people to make purchases. 

Ultimately, increasing the ROI of your video content requires a clear plan of action. Poor-quality videos will not boost your return on investment and may even have the opposite effect. Ensure your content has the highest quality if you want to see the best video ROI possible.

A reputable company will deliver videos that are designed to convert. As you think about what will be ideal for your marketing, consider how a professional video team will improve your ability to see a return on investment.

Leverage Video For Your Next Marketing Campaign

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