Ways Video Can Boost Your Traffic And Conversions

Ways Video Can Boost Your Traffic and Conversions

Video remains the hottest, most effective marketing tool available to brands today. Video continues to grow in popularity and has been warmly embraced by customers, your target audience, and followers. Social platforms have embraced video, and video plays a much bigger role in social algorithms. Videos, and short-form videos in particular, are helping audiences connect and stay more engaged with brands and products. There is no question that video has brought much greater brand awareness. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your site, increase your brand awareness and drive higher conversion rates, then having the right video marketing plan in place will be crucial. 

Video marketing is about a lot more than just throwing together a video and placing it on your website or YouTube. It is a process to make videos and develop a marketing strategy that will make the best use of those videos to drive your traffic and conversions. 

Not all videos are created equally. Some types of videos are more persuasive and attractive to your audience than others, so think carefully about what videos you want to produce and how you want to use them. Some types of videos also work better on some platforms than others. 

Here are some of the top tips for using video to drive more traffic and higher conversion rates.

Define your Marketing Strategy

A successful marketing strategy begins with doing your research. What kind of content will appeal to your ideal customer? What are their interests, needs, and concerns? Your content needs to speak to them on several levels, so you have to know your customer and understand what social platforms they use and why. Marketing video content on the right platform is as important as the content and quality of your video. 

You also need to understand the goals of your marketing strategy. What do you want your video marketing campaign to accomplish? Brand awareness, increased engagement, more traffic, or higher conversions? Your goals can affect the style, tone, and persona of your messaging to better connect with your ideal customer.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are a great way to attract new leads. Many people need an educational video to help make a buying decision, complete a repair, and assemble a product. Your educational videos fill a need and present a perfect time to introduce your product and service and how it can help your customer. Viewers can quickly become followers and customers just from one educational video. Series of educational videos are even more attractive and raise the odds of attracting more traffic to your site and higher conversions. 

Video Testimonials

Video customer testimonials are an excellent tool for driving traffic to your website. Customer testimonial videos help you communicate the value of your products and service to a visitor quickly and effectively because customers trust other customers. They can be done at your location or even at home. The better the quality, the better the effect, so make sure you edit wisely and ensure the person giving the testimonial is 100% authentic. Authenticity is the most important element in a testimonial video. People are drawn into a trusting relationship with the person giving the testimonial only if they find it authentic and believable. 

Video Thumbnails

A video thumbnail is a still image from your video that represents what the viewer will see or learn. According to YouTube, 90% of their best-performing videos have custom thumbnails. Choosing your thumbnail and having an effective title will help your viewers understand if the video they are going to watch aligns with their goals and needs and will likely engage your viewer longer. It may also result in the viewer sharing your video over their social networks. The more shows, the greater your brand exposure and awareness, and the more shares the possibility of more traffic and conversions grow. 

Video is a powerful marketing tool that can significantly increase your brand awareness, drive traffic to your site and increase conversions when done well and with integrity.

Leverage Video For Your Next Marketing Campaign

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