Why Your Business Needs Explainer Videos

Why Your Business Needs Explainer Videos

Every successful business faces a similar challenge. What sets your brand apart from all the others who sell products or services just like yours? How can you get your point across to cut through all the market noise? Marketers have many marketing tools at their disposal, but over the past decade, one tool has stood out in helping brands tell their story- video marketing.

Video marketing has become one of, if not the best, marketing tools to set your brand apart from your competitors.

Explainer videos do as the title suggests – explain! This type of video generally explains a product, service, or concept concisely and in a simple, straightforward manner. Explainer videos can also demonstrate how to use a product or service or even explain your company’s mission, culture, or values. 

The company that can find a way to grab a consumer’s attention and explain its product, service, or brand culture will be the one to stand out and stand the test of time. In several marketing studies, one type of video consistently performs better than others when telling a brand story and helping companies find their voice in the marketplace. That type of video is called an “explainer” video.

Explainer videos can be done in various ways- from animated videos to high-quality professionally shot videos with actors and on-location shoots. The style doesn’t matter as much as the content and the creativity. Remember, people today have shorter attention spans than ever, so always work to keep your videos tight, short and simple so your audience can grab insights and understanding quickly. On average, you have less than 2 minutes to tell your story and make your points. 

You want to make sure you focus on the benefits and why your products and services solve your target audience’s problems better. Explainer videos allow you to highlight the significant benefits and answer the questions your audience is looking to have answered.

Your brand can benefit from using explainer videos when the product or service is not “tangible.” This is where a well-done explainer video can help illustrate a concept or an idea. Many technology companies routinely rely on explainer videos to quickly demonstrate or describe how their solution works. 

Explainer videos will help you tell your brand’s story. What better way for a potential customer to understand your brand than through understanding your company culture? Match the tone of your video to the “tone” of your culture. Is your company culture playful? Let it come through in your video. Are you passionate about the environment-demonstrate how your company lives out its values.

One final word. Explainer videos are especially popular with social network platforms and Google’s algorithm, so it benefits your company in multiple ways. You get better website rankings and visibility, and videos are more likely to get shared and spread. It’s hard enough to gain traction and visibility in the marketplace, so don’t overlook the power of video marketing and the power of using explainer videos to make your brand stand out.

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