Ways To Use Animated Videos In Your Marketing Plan

Ways To Use Animated Videos In Your Marketing Plan

A good marketing plan encompasses different forms of marketing, from print ads, PR releases, and podcasts to social media, videos, and animation. With so much noise in the marketplace, it becomes more challenging to find ways to get noticed and to stay at the forefront of your customer’s vision. Today’s customer is short on time and attention while having higher expectations regarding quality custom content. This has made video a crucial component of any successful marketing plan. 

With the growth of mobile devices, animated videos are becoming an even more significant part of company marketing plans. Live-action video is often the go-to format, but creating high-quality live video production is time and capital-intensive.

Just like real action videos, animated videos also speak directly to your customer and deliver the same benefits of engaging your customers and holding their attention better than other forms of marketing. 

So what are some of the best ways to integrate animated videos into your marketing plan?

Creating animated explainer or “How- To” videos works both on your website to increase SEO and conversion rates and attract a loyal base of followers on social media platforms. Create your own YouTube channel using a series of animated videos on various topics. Videos can tell your brand story, educate your customer base, explain something about your product, or tell a customer story (testimonial) to help boost trust and confidence in your brand. 

If you haven’t yet produced short-form videos for Tik Tok or Instagram, you are missing a significant opportunity and leaving a big hole in your marketing strategy. Short-form videos, live or animated, appeal to all social algorithms, especially if they are in-app videos. You can tell your brand story by creating an animated testimonial. The neat thing about using animated videos is that you can let your creativity loose. You can approach a serious issue like testimonials in a more interesting and perhaps fun form that may capture the imagination of your customers more than a live video. One thing to avoid is posting the same video on different platforms. Posting across platforms will not help but hinder your results. 

Trade shows may not be a big part of your marketing plan but if you do participate in the animated videos are great for story-telling. You can add some animated videos to your trade show exhibitions. What better way to introduce your brand, culture, products, or services? 

If you have digital signage as part of your marketing strategy, animated looping videos are a great way to capture interest. People are naturally curious and will often return or slow down to see the full video playing on your sign. 

These are just a few ways you can introduce animated videos into your marketing plan to increase your engagement, conversion rates, and ROI. 

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