Video Walls Enhance Your Trade Show Booth

Video Walls Enhance Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are a great way to sell your brand, yourself, and your product or service. Before you plan to rent a space, you should be planning how to make your booth stand out from all the booths around you. You want your presentation to draw people in and keep their attention. One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating video walls into your trade show booth. Although they are more costly, they are also more attractive and show greater innovation than standard fabric walls. 

There are several ways to incorporate video into your trade show booth, but one of the most effective ways to draw people into your booth is to use video walls. This use of video will also help your brand stand out from your competitors and draw more people into your exhibit. 

Video walls are put together using LED Screens, LED Panels, multiple monitors, and TV sets that get arranged in a way that forms a wall. The entire “wall” looks like one big screen on which various videos are playing. Most companies use looped videos that continuously repeat. 

Video walls are more effective at attracting the attention of trade show attendees because they provide visual stimulation, and the moving graphics generate curiosity about what’s on the screens. Because of their large size, video walls can also be seen at greater distances. 

Video walls are generally very easy to assemble and tear down. You just need to put the panels in the correct order and plug them in. This makes them especially useful if you participate in multiple trade shows every year. It also makes updating your materials easier than updating printed materials.

One way to utilize video in your display is to present company and product information in short video clips. As people pass by the booth, they will see at least one or more of your messages. Although people rarely watch an entire video, this approach effectively draws the attendee into your booth. 

Take the time to customize your video display with interactive software. It will leave your visitors with a good feeling about your brand’s care and effort in educating and entertaining its attendees, clients, and vendors, building credibility and trust. The more you can directly engage your visitors, the greater the chances of converting them and creating long-term relationships. 

You need to consider several factors to make your video wall effective and appealing. 

Any video wall you create needs to fit the space it will live in. That means you will need to know the dimensions of the trade show floor and, specifically, your area. Your video wall must be within the size and dimensions of your rental space, and it cannot overshadow the rest of the booth. If the video wall is too big, it can become a distraction. 

The trade show graphics you display need to meet certain criteria for people to comprehend what they are seeing. If the font size is too small, the attendees won’t be able to read it from afar. The length of the text should not be too long that the attendees have to stand and read the whole sentence. Short phrases are easy to understand and are not time-consuming. 

Be careful about how bright your display is. You do not want to overpower your booth or your competitors’ booths. 

Be aware of your pixel pitch and resolution. A high pitch produces a lower resolution image best viewed at a distance, while a small pitch produces a high-resolution image that is good for people looking at the display up close. 

The goal of using a video wall is to come out with a unified display that gives the illusion of being one big screen instead of a series of smaller screens. That means you must be aware of keeping the pixel size and pitch uniform so that you do not get distortion when images move from screen to screen. 

You want to make sure your video wall works as a presentation tool. Make sure your video(s) are short, concise, easy to understand, and clearly illustrates the benefits and features of your products and services. 

Animated videos, in particular, are a great way to demonstrate how a product works or tell your brand story. They are engaging and can be humorous and fun for attendees to watch. Make sure your videos have top-quality production values because they reflect the care you put into your products and the care and quality you put into your marketing.

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