Types of Videos to Market Your Technology

Types of Videos to Market Your Technology

In today’s marketplace, it is more challenging than ever to make your product or service technology stand out in the middle of a very crowded playing field. With all of the social media blog posts, images and content, it is a challenge to engage and hold viewers’ attention long enough to entice them to dig deeper into your product, learn more and become a loyal customer. Certainly, one of the best tools we have is videos. We are a culture addicted to video, and whether we like it or not, video pulls people in and holds their attention better than all other marketing techniques. The question is, are all videos equal, or are there certain types that may offer more bang for your marketing buck? 

The facts are clear. Video has the single best return on your marketing investment dollars. People are watching more videos online than ever before. In fact, online video watching has almost doubled since 2018. 

So what types of video can help you market your technology more effectively and boost your bottom line? 

According to marketers, the most popular and effective type of video marketing during 2021 were explainer videos, followed by presentation videos and testimonial videos. Let’s delve into each video type a little deeper to see why these video types are so popular and effective at marketing your technology. 

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos do as the title suggests. It is a short-form video highlighting a company’s technology, product, or service in a concise, compelling, and efficient format. Often found on a landing page, these videos take a technology and “explain” simply and efficiently what that technology does, how it does it, and why you need it. 

Every effective explainer video has the following five elements in common: 

  • Short in length- typically less than 3 minutes. The best is often between 1-2 minutes in length. (remember humans have very short attention spans)
  • Focused on solving a problem: Explainer videos address a specific issue, explain how their product or service solves the problem and makes it clear why their product is the best solution
  • Match the brand and audience: Explainer videos are most effective when the style and tone match the style and tone of the brand and their “ideal” customer. 
  • High Quality: Explainer videos must be of high production quality and contain quality content to communicate the brand’s value proposition effectively. 
  • Strong Call to Action: the video clearly states what they want their intended customer to do after watching the video. 

Presentation Videos

Presentation videos have many different types, from Educational presentations to sales, training, and promotional videos, to name just a few. 

  • A great presentation video will be well thought out regarding the format, the amount of text used, animation effects, number of slides, and visual content to make the presentation interactive.
  • Engages the audience and makes them part of the story.
  • Scales to the size of the audience.
  • They are timed to reach people when they are most likely to feel like participating.
  • Contains lots of visual content. According to Cornell University, 68% of people believe information is accurate and truthful if it is presented by words or numbers. If you include a simple visual graphic, that number skyrockets to 97%.

Testimonial Videos

These videos are reviews and are used to build trust, product recognition, brand quality, and, of course, to drive sales. People want reviews or testimonials to back up their choices so they can feel good about what they are about to purchase. All effective video testimonials share the following characteristics: 

  • Feels Authentic and genuine. Consumers can spot a fake and see-through scripted or paid testimonials. The testimonials should come from real customers and come from the heart. 
  • It tells a strong story. The testimonial should clearly tell a brand story. It should build trust with the viewers. Potential customers are driven by their emotions. 
  • Credible. The video has to be credible and true.
  • It should compare and contrast against other competitor experiences and products.
  • It should contain high-quality content and production values. 

Call or visit Commotion Engine to learn more about how video marketing can help you market your technology and increase your ROI and bottom line. 

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