Tips for Creating Engaging Animated Marketing Videos

Is your brand struggling to cut through the noise and get your message across on the internet and social media platforms? 

Is your video marketing strategy lagging? Do you wonder how you can attract and hold the attention of your target audience? The good news is that animated video is the best form you can invest in to attract attention, engage your viewers, and get your video marketing strategy humming along with a great ROI. 

Animated videos as a genre harken back to the days of your childhood and cartoons. They create a huge sentimental draw, and they tend to spark an audience’s curiosity and interest and hold that attention longer than other forms of video. Part of the appeal is that animated videos tend to simplify complicated concepts and offer fanciful, funny, engaging characters and settings that aren’t always possible to create using other forms of video. 

To create animated videos that really resonate with your target audience and meet or exceed your marketing standards, there are several tips you should always follow. 

As with any other type of marketing, the first step in creating a great animated video is understanding your target audience. If you fail to understand the motivations, concerns, and personality of your target audience, it won’t be possible to create a video that appeals to them.  

Who Is Your Customer? 

What is it that makes your ideal customer tick, and what sets them apart? Here is a starter list to consider when developing your ideal customer profile.

  • Lifestyle
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Needs
  • Interests
  • Social passions
  • Political views
  • Daily activities

Once you have done that, also think about what stage in the buyer’s journey most of your target audience is in so you can determine the type of video and the information you want to include in your script. If most of your audience is just beginning their journey, they need far different information than those that are in the purchasing stage. 

Customize Your Videos to Your Target Audience

After creating your Ideal Customer Profile, you should have a clear concept of what will be of interest to your customer base. You need to create stories that your customers will connect and engage with. Use the information you gathered about your ideal customer to shape the content of your video. 

Make Your Message Relevant

Craft a message that is concise and to the point. That is the second important item- only focus on one primary point you want to convey. Incorporate the most important information at the beginning. Make the start of your video compelling by referring to something your ideal customer can immediately relate to. 

Make the Most of Your Visual Settings

People are drawn to beautiful things both consciously and unconsciously. Having the right aesthetics in your video will significantly impact your ability to engage your target audience. Make sure your visuals are carefully coordinated with any video narration. That can help intensify your video’s impact by clarifying the story. The right visuals can help get your message across better than words on many occasions. 

Don’t Be Deaf to Your Sound Design

Sound design is often an element of a video that is minimized in relation to the visual aspects. Still, a great sound design, although largely unnoticed by the viewers, can have a significant effect on their attention and engagement. There’s nothing more distracting than poor sound quality or background music that doesn’t fit the story. It will detract from the effectiveness of the video and your message. When the sound meshes perfectly, you will deliver a cohesive message that attracts and holds your viewer’s attention. 

Quality Speaks Volumes

Take time and care in producing your animated video. Spend the money to create a quality video that demonstrates the care you take with your company and products extends to the care you offer your target audience. A poorly made, cheap video is the message your target audience will receive no matter how good the script is. The quality of your video should match the quality of the products and services you offer. It should match the quality attributes of your brand. High-quality videos will broadcast a message that your brand stands for quality and integrity.  

Follow these tips to make your animated videos, and your brand will cut through the noise and stand out on the internet and social media platforms. 

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