Telling Your Brand’s Story With Animated Video

Telling Your Brand’s Story With Animated Video

Most brands rely on video marketing for most of their ad outreach because it has proven to be effective and provides the highest return on every marketing dollar spent. Video is interesting and immediate and can communicate messages in ways that words and static images simply cannot equal. Animated video opens up ways to communicate more complex and intangible concepts. They are simply an excellent way to tell your brand’s story creatively and in a way that captures the imagination and the attention of your target customers.

Creative storytelling is the cornerstone of effective marketing, and the ability to tell your brand’s story is fundamental to developing good relationships with your target customers. What better way to get your audience involved in your brand story than with an animated video?

Animated shapes with faces or characters you design act as placeholders for actual humans. These characters are perfect for informing about your company brand, culture, passions as a brand, and much more. They can explain your products and services, the problems you set out to solve, and how your products solve the very problem your customers have.

When you include animated storytelling in your marketing strategy, you control every element to deliver your message in a style that uniquely fits your brand’s persona. Designers work with your team and can customize the video any way you like, from the characters to the backgrounds, the message, and even the voice-overs and colors.  

Eye-catching, memorable visual storytelling animations have proven the power of animated marketing to generate solid and compelling associations with a brand. Building relationships is one of the biggest benefits of utilizing animated video to tell your brand’s story. Not only can animated video reinforce a customer’s existing perceptions about your brand it is also great at creating new perceptions.

Animated video is the perfect vehicle for storytelling because it provides the greatest freedom for improvisation and creativity. You can create an incredible plot that makes your products come alive apart from any characters, and it opens the opportunity to develop and use visual effects that just aren’t accessible with live-action videos.

Animation also has the ability to convey more than just a concept- it can convey a mood and a style that is central to telling your brand’s story. You can more effectively communicate the persona of your brand and make it a living thing in the mind of your customer.

Animation has another special power that can help tell your brand’s story. Animation can transfer emotions. Feelings in the video can be exaggerated to make emotions “visible,” and that tends to transfer those feelings directly to your target audience. When you can convey positive feelings about your brand, it translates into sales because people are driven to make purchasing decisions by their emotions.

When you use animated video to tell your brand’s story, you are providing an opportunity to engage with your target audience. Animated video creatively hints at a brand’s associations, symbols, and cultural and societal passions. They are not only entertaining but educational and provide a source of satisfaction to customers in a fun and engaging way while building loyalty.

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