Priming The Pump- Demo Videos To Fuel The Funnel And Increase Your Revenues

Priming The Pump- Demo Videos To Fuel The Funnel And Increase Your Revenues

Video provides a rich source of variety that you can use throughout varying stages of your marketing campaigns. Different types of videos attract different attention. The great thing about videos is that they can translate successfully to various marketing needs such as brand awareness, engagement, product sales, building loyalty and trust, and driving conversions and revenue. If you are ready to push your marketing campaigns to the next level, then focusing on video marketing is the way to go. 

The marketing funnel is complex and has many stages, so you will need a variety of video types. Looking at the top of the funnel, you could use a brand video that introduces your target audience to your brand. A PR video can also be useful in clearly identifying what your brand stands for by relating your brand to different societal issues.  

The further down the sales funnel you get the greater the need for product demo videos. This is where your customers want to know more about your products and services. These are the videos you want them to share as they are more likely to influence a sale. 

What is A Product Demo Video?

A product demo video is a short video that demonstrates how a product or service works. Some product videos also focus on the product benefits compared to other competitor products. The purpose of the product video is to educate the consumer. Be careful to make sure it is not a dry, boring video but one that is entertaining, engaging, and to the point.

Remember, people have short attention spans and expect a lot of information in a very short time. Since this type of video is a bit further down the marketing funnel, you can jump right into the demo without much background, which your target audience should have gotten from earlier videos. Focus on showing your product in action, how it differs from your competitors and how your product solves their problems. 

Benefits of a Product Demo Video

We live in the digital age, and video is a highly effective marketing tool. According to studies, over 55% of consumers watch a video daily, and 64% of all consumers purchase after watching a product demo. Those are pretty impressive numbers.  

A significant benefit of video for your target audience is that they no longer have to scroll through long walls of text to understand what your product is and does. Video is also more entertaining and engaging. Because it holds viewers’ attention more consistently at greater levels, the information a consumer sees tends to be retained a lot longer.

A well-done, entertaining product video on the correct platforms performs exceptionally well and is often shared. Some have even gone viral, resulting in greater ROI than other forms of marketing. 

Product Demo videos will not only fuel your funnel with new leads, but they will also increase those conversions along with your revenues. 

Leverage Video For Your Next Marketing Campaign

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