How Video Fits In Your Marketing Plan

How Video Fits In Your Marketing Plan

Similar to how television commercials took over for newspaper ads, video has emerged as a far more effective way to market your business online than traditional written copy. In a bold move before a baseball game, Bulova watches spent $9 and reached the nation with a 10-second clip. This gave visual content a whole new meaning, and now in the 21st-century, video is the most consumable and effective way to reach the masses. So how do you make video content work with your marketing plan?

Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach? Who do you want to purchase your product? What kind of videos does your ideal customer enjoy? Sometimes you may need a few different content avenues if your target market is broad, but knowing what your consumers want to see is a huge step in actually reaching them with your videos.

Send The Right Message

What do you want your videos to say about your brand? It is important to ensure that your content aligns with your company’s mission statement and core ethics. While a funny video may get a lot of views, you have to ask yourself if it’s leaving the impression that you want to leave and attracting the attention you want to receive. Therefore, it is important that your videos send the right message and represent you the way you want to be perceived.


Do you have million-dollar dreams on a dime store budget? Figuring out how much money you have to spend on video content is one of the first steps in adding it to your marketing mix. There are very affordable ways to add video marketing into your plan while keeping your budget in mind. Your expectations of content quality should align with what you are willing to or able to spend.


How do you intend on reaching your desired audience? Now that you know who you want to reach and the message you want to send, it’s time to decide where you will meet them. The easiest and most affordable route is to post your content is on social media sites. Video and images will get more views, likes, and reshares than any other content. You can increase impressions by “boosting” the videos. You can also advertise in commercials locally or nationally, or even just on the web. There are endless ways to reach the masses. You just have to decide which stream is right for your company.

Leverage Video For Your Next Marketing Campaign

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