How To Integrate Animated And Live Action Video into Your Marketing Tactics

How to Integrate Animated and Live Action Video into Your Marketing Tactics

Video is a critical part of any marketing strategy. The rise of mobile devices has increased the importance of live-action and animated video marketing tactics to attract, engage and retain customers. Choosing what types of video content to include in your marketing strategy depends on the context of your project. You must know your audience, your objectives for the video content, and the core message you are trying to deliver. Both animation and live-action styles present some unique benefits as well as challenges.

Animated videos allow you to be as creative as you want. They can be very entertaining as well as engaging. They can be used very successfully on your website or any video platform as long as you keep them short. Think Tik-Tok or Instagram Reels. Animated videos can quickly and effectively tell your brand story, demonstrate how your brand solves a problem, or explain how to put together a product. They can be used effectively on your YouTube channel if you have one, and are more likely to be shared because done well, a creative animated video scores highly when it comes to engagement and sharing. They tend to be fun and hold our attention longer than other forms of marketing.

Live-Action video also plays an important role in a business’s marketing strategy. Live-action videos are most effective at helping your customers get a more authentic glance into your company culture or as a means of building trust and relationships with video testimonials. It is important to note that live-action videos are only effective when they look and feel professional in every aspect of the production. Customers expect quality. If a potential customer sees a poorly made video, that impression is likely to carry over into their opinions about your brand and your products and services.

When the video looks and feels professional, video testimonials can give your brand a significant boost in relationship and trust-building. After all, today’s customers want to be assured your brand will be the best decision for them. How do customers make that leap to convert? They usually examine testimonials and read reviews by others who have used your products or services. Videos that look and feel authentic go a long way towards building that trust and helping your audience on the fence to convert.

Another way to integrate animated and live videos into your marketing strategy includes using them to personalize email campaigns. When potential clients receive personalized video messages in their emails, it increases the chances of establishing a relationship because it shows you care and are interested in them.

Determining what type of video content to use depends on the context in which it will be used. You have to consider the audience who will view the content. The message you want to convey, and the goals of the marketing effort. Is it to build trust, or is it to convert your visitors into customers? Knowing the purpose of the video is key to the effectiveness of the video content you produce and distribute. In addition, you also have to consider the platform because that affects what type of video and the length and quality of the video you will produce.

No matter what video content you choose to integrate into your marketing strategy, the key is to do it. It is hands down the most effective marketing tool we have to reach and engage visitors, and it is proving again and again to provide the most significant increases in web traffic, conversions, and ROI.

Leverage Video For Your Next Marketing Campaign

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