Emerging Video Trends For 2022 Trade Shows

Emerging Video Trends For 2022 Trade Shows

Trade shows are looking a little different these days. Attendees say, across the board, it can be more challenging to connect with people at trade shows now. The reality is that trade shows may never look the way they did prior to 2020. The good news is that video is becoming an ever more important and valuable tool in furthering your marketing efforts- even at trade shows.

With the recent rise in popularity of video, there is a natural curiosity and interest in viewing videos, whether they are on a mobile device or a big screen. A short, well-designed video can capture someone’s eye and get your message across quickly and as effectively as speaking to the person directly. An animated video can also help your booth stand out from your competitors. Here are some tips for preparing and integrating videos into your trade show booth.

Before the trade show, you can get a jump on your competition by sharing an intro video with prospects. Here are some tips.

  • Consider creating an animated video that lets people know you will be at the trade show, where your booth will be located, and even a map to reach your booth. It’s also a great way to announce specials and other important information about your brand. 
  • If your brand is hosting or participating in a special panel or event, you could produce a trailer highlighting what topics will be addressed along with when and where it is happening.
  • To expand your reach, post the same videos on your website or on social media platforms where you have a presence.
  • At the trade show, make sure you have a screen or several screens that will be easy for attendees to see but that do not interfere with other booths. The more you can elevate your screens the better your reach will be.

Keeping your video brief and obeying the 5-second rule is important. Attention spans are short to begin with, and get even shorter due to fatigue at trade shows because there are so many things to see and so much information to take in and remember. Including animation in your video will help you increase visibility and engagement.

Animated videos have a unique ability to capture a viewer and keep them engaged. They are also particularly well-suited to explaining complicated concepts quickly and easily. To further enhance the value of your video and increase your audience, consider adding an easy to scan QR code as part of your display. Include it on all your other promotional materials so people can scan a code to watch your video on their smartphones.

While all types of videos are helpful, an explainer video can enhance your trade show booth. It is a great way to generate enthusiasm and excitement about your product and attract prospects and motivated customers. For trade shows, an explainer video highlighting your product, how it works, and the problems it solves should be at the center of your display.

Again, make sure you provide QR codes to all of your videos because many people will not have time to view everything at your booth or during the trade show but will view them later.

Let your videos do the talking for you but remember to keep them short and to the point. Use animation to help make those videos memorable and to capture the attention of passersby. Never underestimate the entertainment value of your videos. Making them entertaining also means making them inviting. The more inviting, the more engagement you will get, and that is the name of the trade show game.

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