Create A Commotion With Your Next Animated Video

Create A Commotion With Your Next Animated Video

How do you get noticed over all the other brands in your market niche? You have to find a way to stand out. You have to create a commotion or a disturbance that is memorable and that will stick in the consciousness of your customers. Something people will want to return to over and over. A video they will want to share. Video is the perfect medium for stirring things up and letting your creativity take flight to create animation that will not only engage your target audience but also be remembered and create momentum. When well thought out, produced, and properly placed on the right platform, animated videos are entertaining, informative, and engaging. They can bring attention to your brand and build rapport with your target audience and your existing and target customers coming back for more. 

Creating A Killer Animated Video

The real question is, how do you create a killer video to deliver the momentum you want and attract positive attention to your brand, products, and services? It all starts with great planning. The best creative minds in the industry will tell you that good planning is the cornerstone of any great video. If you don’t have a clear, concise, well-thought-out message and narrative, then what you create will be chaotic and ineffective. When you spend the time to develop a carefully crafted vision, including how you want your video to look and feel, you are on your way to creating a lot of positive commotion about your brand.

KISS Your Video

Make sure you Keep It Short and Simple. If you are going to create excitement about your brand, product, or service, you need to remember that although our digital society loves video, they have a very short attention span. So keep it simple, short, and to the point. 

Define Your Target Audience

To effectively reach your audience online, you must know precisely who they are, what they want, what their problems are, and how your brand solves their problems. What is the age demographic, and what are their social concerns? Understanding every aspect of your target customer and audience will allow you to tailor your videos in just the right format, on the right platform, and with a message that will naturally resonate with who they are and what they want and need. It will also help you determine the type of characters in your animated video- characters that your target audience will relate to and love. 

Write A Creative Brief For Yourself Or Your Production Company

Creative briefs are documents designers, writers, artists, and agencies use to produce a video. It contains everything you need to consider, from your target audience to the tone and feel, budget, platforms for distribution, and much more. Here are the key points to include in a brief: 

  • Background and Objective
  • Target Audience
  • Key message (Problem your product solves and the key benefits) 
  • How and where the video will be distributed and used
  • Tone/Voice
  • Mandatory Elements like logos, colors, fonts, taglines
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Approval Process

Visual Thinking And Ideas

This is the point at which your message begins to come to life in an engaging, entertaining, memorable, and meaningful way. Animated or whiteboard videos are a fantastic way to make complex and abstract topics accessible in an engaging, entertaining but educational way. 

Camera Shots And Animation

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to use great visuals, whether they are live shots or animations. Ensure your images are clean, exciting, engaging, and entertaining and that your animations are clever. They can be black and white or colorful but make each frame count. Ensure your video is of the highest quality, and don’t skimp. Use professionals to ensure your animated video is the best it can be and specifically tailored to the platform it will be distributed across. 


You don’t know how much your video will be shared or who will view it. So make sure you include things like sub-titles and translations depending on the market. You want your video to be as accessible as possible to the largest possible audience.

Launch It! 

When you spend the time to make an efficient marketing animated video, you need to launch it in style. Give it the best possible advantage by posting a social media trailer, including preview material in newsletters. Include it on your website and use it on YouTube if you have a channel. Send pre-announcements, and relevant content about it to people you think will appreciate, enjoy and share it. Build up the excitement. 

When you follow these tips, you will produce killer animated videos that create a positive impact and stir excitement about your brand, products, and services. You will see increased customer interest and trust, increased traffic, and increased conversions that will prove the benefits and ROI of your video marketing campaigns.

Leverage Video For Your Next Marketing Campaign

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