Build Your Brand With Video Marketing 

Build Your Brand With Video Marketing 

Video marketing is hot, and it is here to stay. With the exponential growth and popularity of video marketing, one might be tempted to think it is a marketing tool that could quickly flame out. Quite to the contrary, video marketing continues to grow as an essential marketing tool and as a way to build trust with your customers and your target audience. Building a brand takes time, but video marketing can help speed up the process when used correctly.

When we speak about using video marketing to build your brand, we are really speaking about the process of creating video content that is relevant to your target audience and that will help to build trust and awareness in your brand.

Here, we will focus on video marketing with an emphasis on using videos on social media. However, the lessons you will learn can apply to many other types of content as well. 

Most business owners understand that your brand is the most important asset your company owns. It isn’t simply a logo; it is everything you do and stand for. Every interaction you have with your customers and your audience is a touchpoint, and every touchpoint represents an opportunity to connect and tell your brand story. This is how you communicate who you are, your values, and what you stand for. 

The type of content you choose to create, how often you share it, and the production values are all a part of your brand story. Everything you do, even when you do absolutely nothing, says something about your brand. When you create quality video content regularly, you keep your brand relevant and grow your audience. You may be asking, “Why does it help keep the brand relevant?”

Video is an excellent tool for building your brand because people like to do business with companies they know. The more videos you produce about your company, brand, culture, products, and services, the more comfortable and familiar your customers and target audience will become with your brand. This strategy helps build a relationship with your audience, and as that relationship matures, it also builds trust with your brand. 

Video as a media format is very versatile. Videos can be used to educate, entertain and inform your audience. You can use them in many parts of your marketing strategy, from social media to creating educational content.

Some popular video content types that perform exceptionally well on social media are explainer videos, educational or how-to videos, thought leadership and company culture videos, and testimonial videos. These can all be used to build your brand. The goal of these types of videos is to create content that provides value to your users and helps them understand the benefits of the brand and how you can eliminate their pain points. 

Use your videos on your website, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and YouTube. The more platforms you share your videos on, the greater the number of shares and the better your website rankings are likely to be with Google’s algorithm favoring video.  

Remember to keep videos short, 30-60 seconds is ideal, and anything over two minutes is too long. Consumers have very short attention spans, and everyone is pressed for time, so make sure that your videos are concise, engaging, and have excellent production values in order to maximize the impact and effect of your marketing videos in building that brand-customer relationship. 

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