Animated Video Trends 2022

Engaging viewers with video is easier than using other media. Still, with the proliferation of animated videos for building brand identity and marketing, finding creative ways to make a video stand out from the crowd and capture that all-important viewer engagement is becoming more challenging. 

2022 is seeing the emergence of certain trends for animated video. Learn about what’s new and how these trends can help your brand and marketing initiatives. 

Soft 3D

Soft 3D is a more playful approach to 3D rendering that produces more luminous, inviting results. This approach uses the techniques of claymation and stops motion. It creates unique results that feature selective contrast, silky smooth grading, and an emphasis on tangibility. 


Immersive spaces and the development of creative communities such as futuristic worlds and playgrounds are growing in popularity for companies and businesses that want a way to showcase the potential of their services. These highly creative videos work well to highlight creative services and more complicated, intangible qualities of a business. 

Craft Printing

Animated video is embracing craft printing. Digital printers are finding new inspiration from the innovation of handset type. Type setting, photo transfer, and print illustration are being used in delightfully creative ways that emphasize spacing, bold designs, and pattern repetitions. What makes traditional print so special is the inherent imperfections, and that helps to make relatable human connections.

Luxury Lo-Fi

Luxury lo-fi is another trend you can expect to see more of in animated videos. Simple shapes are becoming even more popular for videos attempting to explain complex concepts such as coding and security. It is a hybrid style that combines 2D and 3D. This style features simple shapes, sunset hues, seamless gradients, and a bunch of thin lines that come together to produce both related and dynamic animated motion. 

Blame Blockchain

As blockchain has become mainstream, it has broadened our view of what life can be in the digital age. Along with that vision has come a taste for dynamic, modern graphics emphasizing cyberpunk and a neo-noir feeling and style. This is becoming especially important for how animated video is presented for UI and mobile experiences. 

Squeeze Grow Shrink

This is a custom technology that features looping. Using this method, text or designs go through what we call a shocking character arc—expanding or dissolving into a completely new shape before reverting to their original form. This technique tends to mesmerize and pull in viewers, keeping them engaged for longer periods of time. 

Path Text Path

Artists and illustrators are really pushing the limits of text. It is hard to argue that there is something exciting and mesmerizing about seeing various shapes consolidate into a word, only to morph back into shapes and become something new. This technique requires a lot of discipline and some very intricate planning, but this adaptive trend emphasizes 

the transformation principle of animation and is appealing as well as engaging for audiences and a creative way to get your message across. 

There is little doubt that new trends will continue to evolve to find new and exhilarating ways of communicating messages and capturing the attention of your target customers. It is an exciting time, and creativity is leading the way to increased engagement and conversions with animated video. 

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