9 Elements Of A Marketing Animated Video

9 Elements Of A Marketing Animated Video

We hear a lot about the value of animated videos as one of the most effective marketing tools, but what makes them effective, and what elements go into making a top-performing animated video? We will answer those questions in this article.

There are many different types of animated videos, from simple whiteboard videos with hand-drawn images to more complex, colorful vector, 2D, 3D, stop motion, and motion graphics animated videos.

Regardless of the type of video, some common basic elements must be determined.

The Objective

When creating an animated video, the objective must be clear to you, the client, and the animators who will be working on your video. What is the purpose of the video you are going to create, and how will it be used? Are you creating a video to explain how a product works or how it can solve a problem? Will it be used as part of your sales funnel? If so, is it being designed to increase conversions or attract qualified buyers, etc.?

The Outline

Create an outline of your ideas and topics to help the animators clearly understand what actions they need to take and complete. Getting the concept elements right is the only way animators can turn your words into images. The clarity of your writing provides a clear understanding that illustrators and animators can use to create the necessary artwork that will be a part of your animated video.

The Storyboard

Once your script is approved, illustrators will begin to create a storyboard. The storyboard lays out the visual elements of your video.  Some storyboards are simple, and others are very complex. Animators need to see and understand it clearly, so they know exactly what needs to be accomplished and the specifics of how it will be done because there are many different ways to animate an object.  

The Voice-Over

The voiceover is the voice your target audience will hear when they view your video. As the client, you want to find a voice that sounds like your target audience. The voice needs to be one that your target customer can relate to. This is an important decision that needs to be made in tandem with your video production team. Do you have the perfect in-house talent, or do you need to hire a voiceover artist to make your animated video as appealing and relatable as possible?

Designs and Illustrations

Not only do you want your video design and illustrations to match your company’s brand, but the style used for the video should be consistent from the beginning to the end. Mixing animation styles usually makes it difficult to understand and affects the fluidity of the final product.

The Animation

Animation is a process. It is the art of making different elements move to a voiceover or music, and it requires thinking about many various factors, including:

  • The timing of the illustration and the elements such as syncing the animation to the voiceover and how fast images enter the screen and transition to the next scene.
  • How will the different objects on the screen be organized on the screen, so they do not clash with one another.
  • Decide the importance of each element from which one is most important in the animation composition, right down to which is the least important.


Videos used in marketing are usually short and to the point, banking on consumers’ short attention spans. There are exceptions depending on your audience and objectives, but 30 to 90 seconds is usually enough time to get your message across. Keeping your video within this range has proven to help keep consumers engaged.

Sound Effects

Sound is the element that brings your animated video together. Well thought out use of sound effects can enrich the visuals and engage the viewer. It is best to keep sound effects subtle but clearly audible. If the sound effects overpower the animation, they will stick out and make the video seem less organized and professional.


Once your animated video is complete, share it! Use it on your website and share it on social media platforms, but make sure the video is optimized for each platform to ensure the best performance and the greatest amount of social sharing.

Perhaps the most important decision other than moving forward with creating an animated video is choosing the right company to produce it. Take your time to review each agency’s work and speak with them to find out how they work and whether their process will work well with your brand and company. If you consider all of these elements and work with a solid animation company, your animated video will be a top-performing marketing tool for your brand.

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