Mixed Media Video

Amsted Digital’s end-to-end, integrated telematics platform provides asset owners and fleet managers with analytical insights that allow them to effectively track, monitor and manage their unpowered transportation assets in real time.

The Challenge:

Meyers Partners brought us onboard to produce a video promoting Amsted Digital’s telematics platform. The software allows assets managers to track the status of freight cars, trailers, and shipping containers using wireless sensors and gateways. All of this technology is connected to a smart analytics platform, leveraging data science to predict problems before they occur. In the crowded IoT space, Amsted needed a video that would clearly communicate the value of its solution and set it apart from competitors.

The Solution:

Our team took storyboards and footage provided by Meyers and edited it together into a cohesive flow. We then added data overlays and graphics to enhance the video and highlight the wireless sensor technology. The biggest challenge was creating the 3D sequence that takes the viewer on a ride from a GPS satellite, to a desert train, and finally to a data center. The completed video is featured on Amsted’s homepage.

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