Dreaming About Someday 

How we created a branding video for Florida Hospital's website.  


Background: Florida Hospital is a non-profit healthcare organization with over 25 hospital campuses throughout Florida. They are working hard to ensure that the future will be a better place. That is why our friends at BPD Advertising asked us to create a mixed media video to help people dream about “Someday”, and what it will be like thanks to Florida Hospital’s research. Here is the result:


We settled on a Mixed-Media style...

Developing the look and feel:

It is hard to beat the emotional impact of real images of family life, but we wanted a lot more than just a slide show. So we settled on a mixed media style that combines images, video, and animated graphics. A line representing progress appears throughout the video and ties everything together. Simple illustrations and typography accent many of the shots to add detail and additional visual interest.


Adding dimension:

To make some of the still images more interesting, we manually cut out the different elements (subjects and backgrounds) and positioned them in 3D space to add depth. The result is a cool effect that makes the images feel more like video. 


Bringing everything together:

We wanted the animated elements to be simple and friendly, but still interesting to look at. Our illustrator developed a style that combined slightly sketchy outlines with solid fills to add weight. Our animators then assembled all of the different elements and brought the project to life.

“Wow! You guys did a great job!!! Please thank everyone who worked on making this a great animated video.”
— Vince DeMarinis | Partner, BPD Advertising

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