Life is a Journey 

How we created a TV spot for Redstone Federal Credit Union.


Background: Redstone Credit Union is proud to offer a wide range of financial services to its family of members. But some of their programs are not very well known. To help raise awareness of their financial planning and investing services, Redstone asked us to produce a 30 second spot for TV broadcast. Here is the final result: 


Life may be a journey, but so is every video project...


The spot needed to accomplish several things:

  1. Raise awareness of Redstone’s brokerage services
  2. Give a glimpse of some of the investment types
  3. Show that the Redstone team has a lot of experience
  4. Appeal to a wide age group (including young professionals)
  5. Look visually clean and modern

Developing the message:

Our first step was to develop a theme to tie the project together. After considering a few different options, we settled on two points: “Life is a journey” and “Make sure you are prepared for the next milestone”. 

Integrating all of the most important information while keeping the script right at 30 seconds was a challenge. It took several drafts to get it in the right zone. We decided to communicate some of the less important points indirectly through the visuals

Designing the look and feel:

Visually we wanted something that viewers could connect with emotionally, that also fit with the theme. We ended up with a combination of bright live action footage showing different scenes of family life, and colorful graphics that provide a little more detail.

The spot was distributed for broadcast, and we look forward to hearing about the results of the campaign!


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