Pac-Man Goes to Black Hat 

How we created a cutting-edge presentation for Leidos. 


Our Mission: Every year thousands of hackers and other cyber security professionals descend on Las Vegas for the acclaimed Black Hat convention. As a major player in the industry, Leidos wanted their exhibit to stand out. So they asked us to create a Pac-Man themed presentation that a live speaker could use to explain “The Cyber Kill Chain” to intrigued nerds. We couldn't resist.


Leidos using our presentation at their Black Hat exhibit.


The project was completed in three phases.

Stage 1 - Development. We knew a standard presentation deck with conventional slides would not be sufficient. So we experimented with a number of different possibilities until we discovered a way to seamlessly embed video clips in a Powerpoint file. This allowed us to create a very dynamic animation and break it up into segments that would each live on a different slide. Because the end of each clip would match the beginning of the next, all of the transitions would be invisible and the presenter could still control the speed of the video to match the timing of her speech. 

Stage 2 - Messaging. Once the concept was established, our next step was to create the script for the presenter. It needed to be roughly five minutes long, clearly explain the topic, and integrate with the Pac-Man theme. No problem! 

Stage 3 - Design. To make the concept work visually, we had to re-think the Pac-Man game and the way the board is arranged. With some tweaking we got something that demonstrates the different stages of a cyber attack. Of course it still included ghost-gobbling and some classic arcade style fonts.


This is a clip from the final presentation we created for Leidos.

The event was fantastic and the animation/presentation was delivered flawlessly. We got really great feedback and it turned out really well. Thanks again for all your hard work in putting this together for us... The visuals were perfect!
— Jessica Vilotti | Director of Digital Marketing

Obviously, it was a success.


Leidos using our presentation at Black Hat. 

(Or we wouldn't be bragging about it)... The presenter was able to use our script and presentation to draw viewers to the Leidos exhibit. Pac-Man lives on, and because of his efforts, many companies will be better equipped to prevent cyber intrusions... Though apparently Equifax didn't get the memo in time!

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