Understanding the Power of Video Analytics

Video Transcript.

Measuring the results of any marketing campaign is important… so you can see what is working and what can be improved. But when it comes to online video, measuring meaningful stats can be difficult. We can see the number of views, but that doesn’t tell us what happened after someone clicked play. 

Video Analytics allows us to get insight into exactly how viewers are interacting with the video. If they skip anything, if they stay on your page longer, or if they follow your call to action. 

Lets look at an example...

First we start by deciding what is important to measure. It could be pretty much anything, but lets say we want to know if a shorter video or a longer video will work better on your site.

We create two different versions of the video and upload them to a cool site called WISTIA that allows us to track viewer engagement. We then split test the two different versions on your site. 

And finally, we compare the metrics and draw conclusions. So, in this example the shorter video is holding viewers attention better. 

Ultimately, video analytics is not magic, but it allows you to see under the hood and know what’s working.