Motion Graphics

Professional, Relatable, Branded.

This style uses a combination of shapes, fonts, and textures to create an engaging visual experience that is built around your brand. Perfect for companies that need a polished look, motion graphics can range from professional to cartoonish, and from concrete to abstract. Artwork for 2D videos is drawn by an illustrator in separate layers which can then be animated individually. (Click arrows to view more).

3D Motion Graphics

Abstract, High-Tech, Realistic.

This style is very closely related to its 2D cousin, and the two can be combined for a unique hybrid look. The primary difference is that 3D visuals have more depth and realism, making them an excellent choice for demonstrating abstract or technical concepts. Graphics for 3D videos are created in a special program that allows animators to design objects in 3D space. (Click arrows to view more).

Live Action Hybrid

Inspiring, Realistic, Personal. 

Real images and video often create a unique feel when combined with animated graphics. This style can be powerful for presentations that need an emotional or inspiring touch, or that demonstrate how a product is actually used. Actors can interact with graphic elements, or footage can be enhanced with digital effects and typography. (Click arrows to view more).

Whiteboard / Sketchy

Educational, Entertaining, Simple. 

The sketchy style is simple, but fun, and uses a hand drawn look that is reminiscent of whiteboard, blackboard, or paper sketches. It is very approachable, and can be good for either a trendy or educational tone. Some whiteboard videos are more literal and show a hand sketching visuals out, while others are more like cartoons where the drawings appear and animate by themselves. (Click arrows to view more).