So, what does a video cost?

It all depends on what you are looking to accomplish, but the average budget we work with is around of $10k. Why so much? Most people are surprised to learn that a standard production takes six weeks of continual work, and requires up to 8 different specialists including copywriters, designers, animators, audio engineers, and project managers.

In general, larger budgets allow more time and thought to go into each stage of the process. But not every project requires the same level of production. In some cases, simple is better. The right budget for your specific project depends on your goals, brand, target audience, and the type of video you need to create. To make the decision easier, we have defined three different production levels that are outlined below.


Standard Production Level

Ballpark Budget: $8k to $14k

This is what that we recommend for most online marketing videos. It allows us to spend time crafting your message, and also enables us to create polished content that fits your brand. 

What can it be good for?

  • Landing page videos
  • Promotional explainer videos
  • Product videos

Premium Production Level

Ballpark Budget: $14k+

Some projects call for an exceptional level of polish and attention to detail. In other cases, special techniques such as 3D animation or detailed character animation are required. For these special situations we recommend a Premium Production Level.

What can it be good for?

  • Promotional / flashy videos
  • Projects that require complex styles
  • Videos that needs extra customization

Basic Production Level

Ballpark Budget: $5k to $7k

Basic video are simpler, but they still communicate messages effectively. They can be a great fit for educational content and projects that need to stay on a tight budget. It is possible to reduce budgets further by shortening the runtime.

What can it be good for?

  • Educational videos
  • Internal videos
  • Limited budgets

So which option is right for you?

There isn’t a simple answer, but we are happy to provide our recommendations and a range of options for you to consider. We start by asking the following questions:

  • What is your end goal? 
  • Where will the video be used?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • Where are they in the buying process?
  • How large is your company / brand? 
  • What are your budget limitations? 
  • Do you have any special requirements?
  • How many views do you anticipate?

Let us put together a custom proposal for you!