Videos / Animations

Whether you need to inspire action, forge an emotional connection, or explain a complicated concept, video is one of the most effective communication tools you can employ. That's why we help our clients produce custom videos that impact their target audiences.   

Dynamic Presentations

Dynamic presentations are like PowerPoints on steroids. Designed to engage live audiences by combining strategic messaging, eye-catching visuals, and motion, they transform how viewers process your information. Useful for one-on-one sales, trade shows, events, and a host of other applications.

 One of our clients using a dynamic presentation at a tradeshow.

One of our clients using a dynamic presentation at a tradeshow.

This dynamic infographic / micrographic shows what goes into a quality video.

Data Visualizations

Data visualizations, such as infographics, present information in an easy to process visual format. But static images aren't always enough. That is why we specialize in animated data visualizations that bring concepts to life by adding motion, and sometimes interactivity. This type of content is great for websites, emails, and social media.

And more...

Looking for GIFs that demonstrate a feature of your app, or micrographics to spice up your white paper? If you need anything that combines communication and design, then we are standing by to help. Especially if you need dynamic content that uses motion to stand out. Just let us know what you need and we will put together a proposal with our recommendations on how to get it done!

This GIF was created for Dropbox's email campaign.

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