HCA Hospitals // Multiple Bills

Shouldn't you get just one bill for your stay at the hospital? Unfortunately not, and this fun stop-motion video explains why. To go with the paper / bill theme of the story, our creative guys hand crafted most of the assets with paper and glue. We then filmed the video one shot at a time using special stop-motion software. A few of the elements like the sun and clouds were composited into the video during post production. The result is a very bright and fun video with a hand-made feel that fits very well with the overall hospital campaign. Thanks to our friends at BPD in Miami for giving us a chance to help with this marketing campaign.

We have completed multiple projects with Commotion Engne and are continuously wowed by their creativity, quick and easy interpretation of our ideas into a great piece of work and their excellent service. It is rare to find a company that equally satisfies account services and creative services, but they’ve found the winning formula.
— Amanda Harrison | BPD Lead Project Manager