For kids, hospitals and ERs can be really scary places. That is why the HCA hospital group makes an effort to provide kid friendly emergency medical services that are more comfortable for children. This video was designed as part of a larger campaign produced by our partner agency BPD in Miami, FL. The purpose is to encourage parents to bring their little ones to HCA when they get sick or hurt. The video employs a fun papercraft style that is supposed to be friendly and a little childlike. It was created almost entirely in 3D, with a few composites that was filmed against a green screen.

At our agency, service is a number one priority. We provide a high level of service to our clients and expect the same when we are on the receiving end. Commotion Engine did NOT fail to deliver. It is rare to find a company that equally satisfies account services and creative services, but they’ve managed to find the winning formula.
— Amanda Harrison | BPD | VP of Project Management