The Alternative Board - Case Study

The Alternative Board, or TAB, is a service that connects business owners with an experienced board of advisers who can provide helpful business ideas and guidance. There are TAB boards all over the world, and the company needed a simple way to explain their service to potential clients in several different languages... So they commissioned our team to make a multi-lingual / multi-cultural Commotion.

Our first step was to create the video in English so that we could craft the messaging and visuals using our normal workflow. We worked with the client to refine their script, and drafted detailed storyboards to plan the flow of the animation. Because we need the message to be clear across cultural lines, we picked a literal visual direction and were very careful to avoid anything that might be misunderstood by someone viewing the project from a different sociological perspective. 

Click to view the TAB storyboards.

The visual style was crafted to have a professional and slightly serious feel. For example, the characters are constructed with more realistic proportions, and the overall design is slightly corporate, but still friendly. The overall color palette was derived from the existing TAB website, though we did embellish it a bit. After the initial animation was complete, our sound designer added some subtle sound effects and music.

With the English version of the video complete, we began working on translating the video into Castilian Spanish. Because Spanish typically uses more words than English to express a similar concept, our translator had to revise some of the content to keep the run-time of the video approximately the same. The end result worked quite well. (Watch Translated version below). Eventually we will likely translate this video into French and German as well.

We really enjoyed the unique cultural challenges of this project, and appreciate the professionalism of the team at TAB. They are pleased with the final results of the project, so it is a win-win. Just the way we like it!