Three Ways to Maximize Explainer Video ROI

Explainer videos can be a great addition to your marketing mix, but in order to harness the full potential of what they can do for your business, it is important that you think strategically about how you are utilizing them. Simply creating an awesome video and posting it online isn’t enough. Your audience needs to be able to find it, they need to be able to play it easily, and they need to know what to do after watching it. The purpose of this post is to point out three ways you can maximize the ROI from your explainer videos by ensuring that you help your viewers do all three of these things.

1) Make key videos impossible to avoid.

People love to watch videos. In fact, most people would rather click play than read boring text, but they absolutely aren’t going to go out of their way to find videos that are hiding. So if you want prospects to watch your important explainer videos, put them in strategic places that can’t be missed, use compelling thumbnails, and make sure it is possible to play them with a single click on all devices (Sorry flash player, you’re ancient history). 

Sure, we are a video company so we are biased… But data doesn’t lie. We track video analytics on many of the explainer videos we have produced for our clients, and the stats clearly show that the deeper a video is buried on a website, the fewer people will actually watch it. So it pays to be very strategic in where you locate your video. For best results, place a video with a very compelling thumbnail on key landing pages and your home page. (Check out our example) 

2)  Treat videos as part of your larger marketing ecosystem. 

Explainer videos are probably the best way to quickly communicate your key offerings and differentiators in a way that is fun to watch, but they are not stand alone marketing tools. No matter how compelling your videos are, if people don’t watch them your investment will be wasted. For this reason, explainer videos are most effective when they are part of a larger marketing funnel. 

Create a strategy that outlines how you will drive traffic to your videos, and what you want viewers to do after watching. For inbound marketing your funnel might include SEO efforts to bring in viewers to a landing page where your explainer video pitches your idea and encourages viewers to fill out a form to receive helpful (content marketing) material.

Of course there are millions of potential ways to utilize an explainer video, the point is, having a plan will be far more effective than just putting your video up on the web and hoping that it will magically transform your business by itself… Because it won’t. 

3) Utilize Video Analytics

When it comes to marketing, what you don’t know will hurt you. That is why it is super important that you have a way to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. For explainer videos, this means using video analytics to measure views and engagement.

For example, the number of plays compared to your total site traffic can tell you if your video is easy to find, and if the thumbnail is effective. Engagement graphs can tell you if the video is too long, and if viewers are dropping out at any particular point. Demographics data can tell you if your video is effective outside of your local community. And this is just the beginning. (Read our blog post about video analytics)

At the very least, we recommend that you use a hosting platform like Wistia for your videos so that you can measure some of these stats. If you have a need for more advanced analytics, like A/B split-testing, check out our video analytics service.

In Conclusion

This post has only scratched the surface on ways you can optimize your use of explainer videos for maximum ROI, but hopefully it will give you some ideas on how to develop your own video marketing strategy.  If you would ever like to discuss what you are doing, and ways that you might be able to improve your use of video marketing, feel free to shoot us a message... This is our hobby horse.