Animated in Atlanta - Engaging the World

The Commotion Engine is located in Atlanta Georgia. Ironically, about 90% of our clients are not. In fact many of them are on the other side of the country in tech cities like San Francisco or Seattle, and some are even on the other side of the world. We recently had a potential client inquire if this negatively affected our work. It made me think for a second. But then I realized, the remote workflow that we have developed is an inseparable part of what makes our video campaigns successful. 

The reality is, it would be great if all of the businesses who needed an animated marketing video were in Atlanta, but it wouldn’t change our production process much at all. This is largely due to the power of the internet to make a remote workflow just as good as being in person. Sometimes even better when you consider all of the time that is saved by not commuting or having endless face to face meetings. 

Our process for creating custom explainer videos follows a path that we have found to produce the most effective marketing tool for our clients. At every step of this path we use a simple cloud-based tool that allows the clients to be actively involved in the process as if we were together. Google Docs makes real-time collaboration on scripts a reality, screen capture videos allow us to walk clients through storyboards as if we were giving a powerpoint, dropbox allows instant file transfers as we collect brand assets from the client and send completed files back, and vimeo is great for private video reviews.

When it comes down to it, whether a client who needs a marketing video is in Atlanta or on the moon makes no difference to us. And that is a powerful testament to how the internet is changing the way we all do business. Its time to embrace the cloud.